Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lara's fantastic animals

We had a wonderful artistic workshop today with an inspiring artist Lara Luxardi.
We began by discussing different animals.  We were able to tell which were mammals, which were birds and which were reptiles.  We talked about what were common traits to each group and what animals in each group look like.  We discussed physical features, whether the animals were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates.  We also talked about colours and textures of their skin and feathers.
Each of us then drew a fantastic animal, with whatever animal features we liked.
Our pictures were fantastic, and extremely creative.
When we were finished this activity we made fold over paintings (which we will finish off as butterflies when they are dry).
After the lunch break we were shown how to use pencils, chalks, multi-material collage, mosaic, frottage (rubbings), stencils and pointillism (dots) to be creative in the design of our own fantastic animals.  The results are amazing!
We are so proud of our art.
Many thanks to Lara for such a wonderfully artistic day!

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